Information about the Woking Primary School's Football Association District Football clothing range that can be Purchased from Pendle Sports Suppliers.

Woking Primary School's F.A. have several items of clothing available to purchase.

Most items are crested with the Woking Primary School's F.A. badge and can also be initialised - it is strongly recommended that you add your child's initials to any items that are purchased.

The following items are required for district players and can be purchased from the link above.

District Training Wear

These must be worn to all training sessions by the main district  squad players (boys and girls) and development players (girls only). Training players may purchase these items if they wish.

  • Red t-shirt (Atlanta)
  • Black t-shirt (Atlanta) (boys only)​​
  • Red Training Shorts (Pulsar)
  • Red/White Socks (Sabre)

District Match Day Wear

These must be worn to all match days by the main district squad players (boys and girls) and development players (girls only).

  • Black rainsuit bottoms​ (Atlanta)
  • Red Polo Shirt (Atlanta)
  • Red/White Rainsuit Top (Atlanta)
  • Black/Red Bag (Aztec)

District Accessories

These items can also be added to the district training to complement them if required, but are not necessary. They can not be worn on match days. They can purchased by adults as well as children.

  • Black baseball cap​
  • Black woolly hat
  • Black Hoody (Atlanta)
  • Thermal Jacket (Titan)
  • Red Baselayer Top (pictured right, highly recommended)

​​          Baselayers can also be purchased in kit colours to match

​          the different kits worn.

​For goalkeepers:

  • Black Keepers Long Bottoms
  • Aspire Gloves

Click on the link below to view the latest clothing range from Woking Primary F.A. for our District Teams.